Piano Musings

Welcome to my Piano Musings. Every so often, I sit down at the piano, press record, and try to make up a piece on the spot, entirely improvised. I do this to keep myself from getting too structured and to keep my creativity going. You can read more about the project. People are also creating art based off of these pieces.

You can browse all the pieces below - there are multiple pages of music. All piano musings are released under a by-nc-sa Creative Commons license and are downloadable. The musings are also podsafe if you would like to use them in your own podcast (noncommercial purposes). I have a page on PodsafeAudio.com.

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Piano Musings

Secret Treehouse Gang (6/3/06 #5)

2:10 minutes

The meetings are planned by writing messages inside of paper throwing stars. No girls allowed.

Creating Lilypads (6/3/06 #4)

2:52 minutes

You're a God. You wake up one morning and discover that you can create lilypads. You endeavor to scatter them out to every body of water on the planet.

Weightless Temple (6/3/06 #3) (6/3/06 #3)

2:07 minutes

Cathedrals are peaceful, but imposing. What if you could find one that rose from the water or floated in the air?

Dirty Water (6/3/06 #2)

2:33 minutes

It's creepy and there are things in it that might grab you, or at least stick to you in an unpleasant way.

Planning Shenanigans (6/3/06 #1)

2:05 minutes

When one takes oneself too seriously, it's up to the subversive creatures to restore balance.

Possessed Saloon (5/29/06 #7)

1:33 minutes

Listening to this one, I just couldn't help but think of it as a saloon piano that might have been trying to play itself. Saloon pianos are kind of oddball.

Empty Circus Fields (5/29/06 #6)

3:30 minutes

Small town circuses set up in big fields... when they leave, they take everything with them, but the fields remain.

Glass Moth (5/29/06 #5)

3:54 minutes

This one didn't really solidify into a concept until about 90 seconds in, but it made me think of something that fluidly flies around but is also kind of brittle.

Slacker Fairies (5/29/06 #4)

3:02 minutes

You'd think that fairies are all about flying around in the forest carrying around tree sap and dewdrops and repairing lily pads and throwing surprise parties for baby animals. But really, some of them just want to sit around and smoke bark.

Stalking Toddler (5/29/06 #3)

2:44 minutes

You ever notice how toddlers are really bad at hide and seek? And chase? They think they're being all sneaky and scary, and they're just not. They're really bad at it.

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