Every independent musician needs support. At the time of this writing, I make zero dollars from music, but am spending hundreds of dollars on gear and hundreds of hours of time to rehearse and write music for the luck of finding people later that enjoy it. What's really nice is when I get some support in return. :) Here are the best ways to support me and my music.

1) Give feedback. Sending a note and saying hi is always greatly appreciated! Even if I don't know you. Every bit of encouragement helps.

2) Mention my music to your friends. Whether in conversation, on a blog, or through email, that kind of viral communication really helps far more than you know.

3) Join my mailing list - or join my facebook group or Facebook Page - also invite your facebook friends. My preferred communication mechanism will probably change over time, but this is how it stands now. This benefits you because you get to hear when I have new music, but it also benefits me because if I can tell a large number of people at once about new music, then it's that much more likely that I'm at some point of critical mass that will enable other new people to discover my music.

4) Donate! This is a way for you to say attaguy with your wallet. If you are the type to communicate such things with your wallet, then I'm the type to listen. Typing this sentence for the first time, I always thought it might feel kind of unseemly to ask for money, but now that I'm doing it, I actually kinda like it. Seriously, tipping me will let me direct the funds directly to my music account and will help me to feel like an honest-to-god paid musician. To donate, click this button:

That's it! If you're looking for more internetty ways to give me subtle boosts, then check out these pages and do what comes naturally: