Piano Musings

Welcome to my Piano Musings. Every so often, I sit down at the piano, press record, and try to make up a piece on the spot, entirely improvised. I do this to keep myself from getting too structured and to keep my creativity going. You can read more about the project. People are also creating art based off of these pieces.

You can browse all the pieces below - there are multiple pages of music. All piano musings are released under a by-nc-sa Creative Commons license and are downloadable. The musings are also podsafe if you would like to use them in your own podcast (noncommercial purposes). I have a page on PodsafeAudio.com.

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Piano Musings

Homeless Ghost (12/6/06 #1)

3:23 minutes

He needs no food and is not rooted to a spot. But he also has no place to go, and cannot enjoy the warmth of the sun or the touch of a stranger. The world's beauty is only an apparition to him.

Tinkerbell's Little Brother (10/31/06 #3)

1:22 minutes

He's clumsy - graceless with his flying, always spilling things. Takes some wrong turns. Sometimes he just makes a real mess of things. It probably frustrates him that he'll never live up to his sister.

A Merry-Go-Round In Rain (10/31/06 #2)

1:32 minutes

The kids are stuck inside, waiting out the rain. But the merry-go-round slowly moves as the puddles grow.

Eidolon (10/31/06 #1)

1:58 minutes

You've forgotten something. It's important. It's about yourself. It's buried in yourself, and you've forgotten. But you'll be reminded. You'll hear hints of it from time to time. You'll hear more when you're ready. You'll remember when you're ready.

The Interrupting Sister (8/28/06)

1:39 minutes

Tommy and I keep trying to sneak up on the swamp monsters. We have to be really careful because they're sleeping. We have to be quiet. But Chrissy keeps asking us questions! We didn't want to bring her along, she keeps ruining everything!

A New Steeple (8/26/06 #2)

2:00 minutes

It was over two tons. The pastor worried it was too big. It moved slowly through the air, helped by cables and the crane. It was impossible. But then it fit.

She Owns A Boat (8/26/06)

3:11 minutes

She owns it herself. Sometimes she feels a little out of her element, but it's still hers. It rocks her gently. And sometimes it's a little intense. But it's hers.

Driving Away (7/20/06)

3:11 minutes

It is night. It had rained. You're leaving, and it doesn't matter what comes next.

Phoenix Grace (7/17/06)

2:58 minutes

The second chance, bestowed to those that don't expect it and don't realize they deserve it.

A Young Church (7/5/06 #2)

3:04 minutes

It starts with a gathering. Healthy ideals. A gentle church is formed, and it grows - hopefully not too quickly.

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