Piano Musings

Welcome to my Piano Musings. Every so often, I sit down at the piano, press record, and try to make up a piece on the spot, entirely improvised. I do this to keep myself from getting too structured and to keep my creativity going. You can read more about the project. People are also creating art based off of these pieces.

You can browse all the pieces below - there are multiple pages of music. All piano musings are released under a by-nc-sa Creative Commons license and are downloadable. The musings are also podsafe if you would like to use them in your own podcast (noncommercial purposes). I have a page on PodsafeAudio.com.

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Piano Musings

Stalactites and Stalagmites (7/19/07 #4)

2:56 minutes

The scaffolding from where treasures are stored and later forgotten.

Her Worry Dolls (7/19/07 #3)

2:19 minutes

She got them in Guatemala, and kept them next to her matryoshka dolls. At night, the worry dolls would dance and try to offer comfort to their counterparts.

Swamp and Sand (7/19/07 #2)

3:47 minutes

Think of the opposite of erosion. Sand and swamp, to soil, rock, and clay, and finally vegetation and peaceful structure.

Empty Sanctuary (7/19/07 #1)

3:00 minutes

That church is always humming to itself a bit. It comes from deep inside the walls. But you can only really hear it after the congregants all leave.

Last Message (5/26/07 #2)

4:26 minutes

It was a young planet, taken too quickly.

Ignorant Meadow (5/26/07 #1)

2:17 minutes

Something horrible happened the night before. Can the meadow not acknowledge that? Sometimes when morning breaks, there is a rudeness to the peace.

After The Rain (4/12/07 #2)

3:07 minutes

The rush of the storm has passed. The only things that got washed away were those things you can do without.

Tie Down For The Storm (4/12/07 #1)

1:32 minutes

Some kind of storm is coming. You have to tie down everything that is loose. Because you don't know what will happen. Something. Might as well tie yourself down, too. Then just wait.

Unbond (3/22/07 #2)

3:35 minutes

Sometimes we get pulled apart slowly. We might not notice it at first.

Kingdom (3/22/07 #1)

3:43 minutes

The kingdom was mighty. Great gates, wide courtyards, and deadly intrigue... but falling into disrepair.

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