Piano Musings

Welcome to my Piano Musings. Every so often, I sit down at the piano, press record, and try to make up a piece on the spot, entirely improvised. I do this to keep myself from getting too structured and to keep my creativity going. You can read more about the project. People are also creating art based off of these pieces.

You can browse all the pieces below - there are multiple pages of music. All piano musings are released under a by-nc-sa Creative Commons license and are downloadable. The musings are also podsafe if you would like to use them in your own podcast (noncommercial purposes). I have a page on PodsafeAudio.com.

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Piano Musings

Ice Cream Bully (7/5/06 #1)

1:52 minutes

He's seven, and tough. He might take your ice cream. Or maybe he'll make you swallow your bubble gum.

Small Town Sunday (7/4/06 #2)

3:31 minutes

It's Sunday afternoon. That period of time between chapel and dinner, that mental space between doing chores and doing nothing. A town's memories are created.

An Elusive Sweetness (7/4/06 #1)

3:04 minutes

It's the slightly sweeter life - the poetry of stillness and destination from the slightly different path.

Rundown Playground (7/2/06 #4)

1:19 minutes

It used to be a nice playground. But the teeter totter's rusty. The swings have broken chains. There's probably broken glass somewhere.

Camel Boogie (7/2/06 #3)

2:45 minutes

Despite popular belief, camels have been known to shimmy. It is a rare occurrence because camels are apt to conserve their energy. But with enough of a water source, they'll shimmy, stoop, and strut. They're better than you might think, although not by a lot.

The Forbidden Belfry (7/2/06 #2)

1:54 minutes

A bunch of kids got into that belfry tower by that abandoned church over by the cemetery yard. They don't know what they're getting into.

Before A Kiss (7/2/06 #1)

1:47 minutes

You consider, removed from the moment, and then time stops as the breeze still blows.

Abandoned Mansion (6/3/06 #8)

3:27 minutes

How would the mansion feel if it were alone, forgotten, and hungry? A mixture of creaking, dignity, and paralysis.

Insects Crossing Ice (6/3/06 #7)

1:36 minutes

Small creepy creatures trying desperately to cross something slick. They flail about, but eventually succeed with pride.

Emotional Giant (6/3/06 #6)

2:00 minutes

Giants get emotional too. They stomp around and kick at trees and punch clouds and wipe their noses on handfuls of shrubbery... but they eventually feel better.

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