Piano Musings

Welcome to my Piano Musings. Every so often, I sit down at the piano, press record, and try to make up a piece on the spot, entirely improvised. I do this to keep myself from getting too structured and to keep my creativity going. You can read more about the project. People are also creating art based off of these pieces.

You can browse all the pieces below - there are multiple pages of music. All piano musings are released under a by-nc-sa Creative Commons license and are downloadable. The musings are also podsafe if you would like to use them in your own podcast (noncommercial purposes). I have a page on PodsafeAudio.com.

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Piano Musings

Forgotten Alley (4/29/06)

2:45 minutes

Originally titled "Improvisation in X minor"... I suppose it could be in F... this improv isn't too good, so you're allowed to laugh at me. But it's still a good reflection of how that day felt to me - one of those days where it just seemed like nothing was working quite right. Like the day, this one just doesn't hold together very well, but other than that, it's kind of weird and eerie.

Comet Jam (5/6/06)

2:52 minutes

I kind of cheated on this one, in that it isn't a true improvisation. Rather, I improvised some of the material and then realized it was way too hard to be able to play without stuttering all over the place. So I actually practiced the material for about a half hour to get a better feel for the material and the form. This is the end result - still a couple of bobbles, but much better than it would have been otherwise.

First Night (4/28/06)

4:12 minutes

After getting home from some low-key social plans with a friend of mine - lots of talking about relationships and attitudes with which to approach life - I improvised this into my microtrack.

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