Art Musings

My piano musings are all released under a Creative Commons license. This allows people to create new artworks inspired by the piano pieces. More are always welcome - if you let me know, I will link to you from these pages. Below is a listing of some of the artwork already created.

art musings

Art Musings - After The Rain

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

After The Rain is the second part of a two-part improvisation sequence exploring tension and release. As always, the piano music was made up on the spot, and the art was done similarly and quickly, with no planning ahead of time.

After The Rain

"The rush of the storm has passed. The only things that got washed away were those things you can do without."

Art Musings - Tie Down For The Storm

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Tie Down For The Storm is part of a two-piece sequence exploring tension and release. The two piano improvisations were intended as a set, and then both of the artworks were completed as a set as well.

Tie Down For The Storm

"Some kind of storm is coming. You have to tie down everything that is loose. Because you don't know what will happen. Something. Might as well tie yourself down, too. Then just wait."

Art Installation Music

I received word today of this short film by Steven Liang, of an art installation by Beili Liu. You can go to her site to see more pictures of this particular installation, Lure #1. He chose to use one of my favorite piano improvisations, An Elusive Sweetness, for the soundtrack. Check it out, it's a gorgeous piece of art.

Art Musings - Glass and Steel

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Glass and Steel is about a particularly tragic automobile accident.

Glass and Steel

"There is a stillness after destruction that is peaceful and stunning."

Art Musings - Metal Knotted

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Metal Knotted came from a discussion about the nature of anxiety and what it feels like when it dissipates. I didn't actually know that is what I was feeling when I improvised the piece, but Kasey captured it afterwards by coming up with this artwork in reaction.

Metal Knotted

"Start with a loose tangle. Find two ends, and start pulling them in opposite directions. Make them want different things. Force through the tangle, fight against it. Turn it into a knot, make it harder, as hard as metal. Then remember, how could metal ever become a knot? To untangle, remember where it started. With softness."

Art Musings - Dancing About Architecture

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Dancing About Architecture corresponded to a time when Kasey and I were just getting to know each other - she told me she was an architect and I was challenged to come up with something that represented architecture in my mind - simple structures that vary with time and effort. I couldn't get as complicated as I wanted since I was making it up as I went along, but I felt that I got the idea down. Kasey then responded with this work.

Dancing About Architecture

"It's a strange structure, new. She moves around it tentatively, slowly assembling the pieces in her understanding and movements. It's a careful embrace, but ultimately whole and secure."

Art Musings - Busted Lemonade Stand

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Busted Lemonade Stand came from a random memory of a friend telling me about her attempts to sell lemonade when she was a kid. Her and her friend didn't tell their moms what they were doing, so they kind of improvised.

Busted Lemonade Stand

"Lemonade stands always sound like such a good idea. Although sometimes there's splinters in the plywood, or the ice melts too fast, or you realize you don't have enough dixie cups, so you start reusing them. And the day stretches on."

Art Musings - Strumming Lost Threads

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

Strumming Lost Threads is one of my earlier improvs, and basically illustrates what it feels like to come up with one of these improvs. There's a peculiar mix of care and blitheness that goes into these pieces.

Strumming Lost Threads

"That occasional state of mind of when you're trying to remember an old memory but don't really mind when you can't. Maybe because you're drunk on a porch swing."

Art Musings - A Young Church

Another Kasey Baker painting, in response to my piano musings.

A Young Church is again part of the small town theme I've been drawn to. There's a lot of hope and potential and idealism and goodness in new churches - as much as there can be weight and corruption in stale churches. It's a hint of what to avoid in the journey.

A Young Church

"It starts with a gathering. Healthy ideals. A gentle church is formed, and it grows - hopefully not too quickly."

Art Musings - Drunk On A Porch Swing

Another painting by Kasey Baker, in response to my piano musings.

Drunk On A Porch Swing was one of my first improvs where I felt like I really stumbled onto a distinct concept. I have a porch swing of my own and I've never really enjoyed it to its full potential, but this piece is about a porch swing properly used. Kasey really captured the sense of it.

Drunk On A Porch Swing

"Sitting on a porch swing, swinging back and forth, looking at a sun-drenched field with dandelions and breezes, except your lemonade is spiked and you're completely soused."

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