One of the things I love about having a public podcast is that you come across people who respond to the music in creative ways. An artist and I are starting a series of art/music collaborations based off of my piano improvisations. Kasey Baker is an artist and architect based out of Las Vegas, and is similarly interested in reactive and improvisational creativity.

This is her treatment of Insects Crossing Ice, a chaotic and skittering little improv I came up with about nine months ago. You can also hear it by clicking the play button:

Insects Crossing Ice

It looks like we'll be doing a series of these, and playing around with various ideas of how to package them. She's delivered a few more paintings already, but some are for piano improvs I haven't released yet, so stay tuned.

"Small creepy creatures trying desperately to cross something slick. They flail about, but eventually succeed with pride."