For those who don't know, I've released quite a few piano improvisations over the years, through a podcast I call Piano Musings. They're released under a Creative Commons license.

I hadn't done a search for my name over at youtube for a while and was surprised at what I had found - a few people had taken the music and applied them to some of their home videos. Always kind of fun to see where they end up.

First, it appears there was some Italian film festival, and Unbond made its way into this one. It's the middle piano cue; the ones at the beginning and end are someone else.

Next, using A Merry-Go-Round In Rain, here's a short video of a snowfall in someone's backyard, from Brussels, Belgium:

Weirdest is some level cheat for some online game. They had used Phoenix Grace, one of my favorites... presumably because the youtuber's username is "ElitePhoenix". Oookay.

The music has of course ended up in several other places, which you can page through by reviewing my Art Musings page. And if you have end up using the music for any of your own projects, please let me know! The music is protected by a Creative Commons license, which means they are usable for non-commercial purposes if you give me attribution.