I'd like to point you all to a very cool project that I'm participating in. Acoustic Conversations is a show where singer-songwriters are interviewed about their life, career and music, and also perform several live unplugged versions of their songs. They're professionally recorded and the whole show - interview and songs - is made available for download to all the show's listeners, through a podcast format.

Pete Wright and I are the hosts of this show, and we've got an active season planned, with a couple of episodes already live. We just pushed live the Sam Wegman episode, and we just recently pushed live the Tyler Stenson episode, as well.

The show appears to be getting popular quickly, as the fans of each musician adopt the show and check back for further episodes. We're finding several amazing musicians from the region and beyond and will be releasing new episodes over the foreseeable future. If you want to get some good high-quality tracks from independent musicians and also hear what makes them tick, come check it out at acousticconversations.com. There is also a facebook group that gives early access to the songs if you join it.