I have a new recording of She Believes up over at my myspace page. It's more polished and smooth now, and also has a bass player. Still a rough, as I need to get another recording with my drummer, and the bass player mixed a little louder, but I like the progress. I also have a recording up called "Crunchhead", it's one of the many improvs my group called "Triage" is doing. (Need to change that name.) We just get together and make stuff up on the spot. This one is just of me and Steve Morgan, but usually we're also playing with Steve Turmell.

I'll have more stuff up here soon, I have a bit of a block because I want to restructure my feeds in a way that I feel more okay about posting my (many) roughdrafts. One thing that is odd is that there are all these rules against posting covers to one's own websites, but posting videos of those performances to youtube (and then posting the videos here) doesn't seem to be a problem.