Had a good rehearsal today, working on a couple of my tunes. My goal was to get a final working version of The Aaaaay Song ready, and I did, but just barely. This song has been such a bitch to work on. I've been through three concepts of what the song should even be about - at least this time I have lyrics that go all the way through, and it's singable.

I finished the lyrics two minutes before my drummer got here, so I didn't even get a chance to try and sing them through by myself. But luckily they came pretty quickly during rehearsal and I have a couple of takes with the trio that I can listen to and tear apart.

Since I got so desperate with needing to come up with lyrics, I found myself casting about for any old subject, and all I could eventually seize on is an old relationship. I don't like writing about past relationships, but I guess it's the only thing that wanted to move.

The other thing is that I think I crammed it full of too many words. It feels a little talky and I'm already finding lots of grammar articles I can take out.

My drummer thinks it's my best song so far - I still like She Believes better, which we also worked on. We'll see how this one gels and ages. After this, I've got one more song I'm actively working on... then it's about finding more ideas.