Most of my recent musical efforts have involved two songs. I've already written about The Aaaay Song, which is still in progress.

But the other song I've been working on is called She Believes, and it's really been something of an obsession, off and on, for the past year. I came up a piano riff that it starts with, a whirly music-box type of thing that I just never got sick of playing.

The concept for the song came soon after, and... I felt I had to keep it secret, which meant not writing about it on this blog, because the song has a lot to do with a buddy of mine that reads this blog regularly. :) I'll try not to get caught in that trap again, because I really do intend to write about my music more regularly on this blog.

I finally finished the song this last Saturday (at 7:48 pm), so now I can write about it some more. I recorded a few takes at home, and I've got a rough first version of the song that I might soon be able to post here. I'm also going to write more about the making of the song, to make up for the writing I wasn't able to do here over the last few months.