Yep, it's the first real entry of my new website. If you're reading this, you probably got invited to show up, and now you're wondering what the heck you're doing here and what you should do next. Assuming you already know who I am, then here's what to do!

First, you very definitely should sign up for my mailing list! That's the most important part! It's the best way to be kept informed of what's going on with me musically. Here, I will make it easy:

Did you do it? Really, do it! Sweet, we're on our way.

Now for the rest. Over on the right sidebar you'll see a "Browse Music" section. That's where you can find all my music, sorted in various ways. (Or you can just look at all of it.) Go ahead, click around - every entry has a nifty little "play" button.

You can also get all that audio delivered to you automatically if you subscribe to my podcasts. I highly recommend that. I upload something I write, and it just sort of appears on your iPod. It's like some kind of magic.

This front page is where I'll be talking about what's going on in my musical life - what I'm doing, where I'm playing, and what music I'm creating and uploading. You can also subscribe to this page in your favorite RSS reader.

And don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list. It'll be low-traffic and non-annoying, I promise! This is what you should subscribe to if you have any interest in what I'm doing musically, because I might forget to email you otherwise. Regular readers of the site should subscribe as well. Also, if you have a myspace page, feel free to add me.

Thanks for dropping by! Stick around!